Friday, January 20, 2006

All it Takes is a Little Arrogance

I have to assume that the various police departments of Dade County read my blog. Because how else could I explain having my license run not once but TWICE in 72 hours? Write two lousy posts about how you are above the Dade County Traffic Code and every goddam cop in South Florida seems to have it in for me. I'm sure the APB went out last week something like this:

"Keep on the lookout for a Baby Blue Saturn with Wahsington State licence plates and a Marine Corps Bumber Sticker. That is White Dade. He Thinks he's the shit."

Since the Hag felt it neccsary to try and steal a table from Johnny Rocket's in the Grove Tuesday night RIGHT IN FRONT OF A CITY OF MIAMI COP CAR, above my objections I might add, I got my license run that evening. Even though I was a good thiry feet away from the Hag and his table. It is hard enough to get a COM to get out of his car, much less run your license. Thanks, Hag. Never mind that I may still have an outstnading bench warrant from some unpaid non-moving violations in 2002. Forunately, in true Miami cop fashion, he said, "You guys better find your way home. We don't need you making trouble in the Grove." Basically saying "Go drink and drive down in Pinecrest, 'cuz I don't want to have to write you up for it now."

Then today as I go to lunch I got my Florida Moving Violation cherry popped as one of Palmetto Bay's finest saw it fit to cite me for trying to sneak into the left turn only lane while trying to turn South onto US-1. A move I have made dozens of times before. But they knew. That is the last time I brag about getting away with anything even mildly illegal on this blog. Because I know they are all listening.....


At 6:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To quote Nelson from "The Simpsons": Ha Ha


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