Monday, February 06, 2006

Some Comments From This Weekend

Blogger had a bit of a hiccup, it seems, this weekend, and six comments posted on Friday didn't make it onto the blog. This is an absolute travesty of blogging, if you aks me. Especially since two of the commenters were other bloggers that I read. The third was anonymous, but I will post his/her comment anyway. Why? Because I take care of my readers, that's why.

That's the kind of personalized service you get here at White Dade. Since I have such a small readership, and even less commenters, if you take the time to comment and it doesn't post, and I get it in my email, I will take the time to post and respond to them individually in your very own post. Because that's how I do. I am the blogging equivalent of that new little restuarant that nobody has gone to, where they cater to your every personalized need until they get a little too big for their britches and start to forget their first cutomers even existed.

Unfortunately, since Blogger doesn't tell me what posts you were commenting on in my little "Look at you, you got a comment you big stud" emails, I will have to guess. If I misaddressed your comment, please let me know. So here are the pearls of wisdom that Blogger has tried so mightily to deprive you of:

ngregory00 on "Why are You in My Office?" - You mean to tell me that none of your coworkers have caught you in the act yet??

My Resonse: First of All, Nicole, Welcome to White Dade. I enjoy your work. Secondly, thank you for commenting on one of my favorite posts that nobody else bothered to read. Last, COWORKERS? What Coworkers? I manage a gym with 39 members, which means there is about as much to do at my job as there is at the Seattle Seahawks Championship parade.

ngregory00 on "Strip N' Slide" - I'm totally with Tara on this. Naked boobs on a collision course with slide-covered linoleum does NOT sound like a comfortable prospect -- dish detergent or no!

My Response: I never thought of the whole "blunt force to mammary tissue" thing until you two brought it up. That was one tough stripper. Definitely earned all those $1's.

ngregory00 on "You Wanted White Girls, You got 'Em!" - I really have nothing else to say to this other than, "She can kiss my black ass."That is all

My Resonse: You're not a fan of pock-marked, yellow-toothed redneck girls who would like to see you and all of your people strung up from trees? How intolerant! Personally I try to have a group of skinheads over for dinner once a month.

ngregory00 on "A Tribute to the Slumpbusters" - You're a big man to be open with us about your slump, Dade. You should be proud. ;)

My Response: Look, my theory is that if you can be open and laugh about something, it makes it hurt much less. Privately, I still cry my lonely self to sleep every night.

Anonymous on "A Tribute to the Slumpbusters" - Poor White Dade. I'll call the Prayer Chain for you and see what happens. Maybe it has something to do with the Saturn...

My Response: How dare you defame the good name of the Baby Blue Saturn! That car is a CHICK MAGNET! It matches my eyes, you know. And there is nothing sexier than a man in a four year old economy sedan with a ripped fender and a layer of dust, when the paint matches his eyes.

DrunkBrunch on "A Tribute to the Slumpbusters" - You and FeistyRed are inspiring me to post my own shagging list, but I don't think I'm strong enough. So kudos to you. The mental images of a few of them still make me shudder. I think I just burped up some puke. Ugh

My Resonpse: Glad I could be of inspiration to you, although I guess I made you lose some food too. I'd say that's a push. Where was Feisty's shag list? Did I miss a post? Send me that link, although, by her own admission, I think it could fit on a post-it note. I suggest doing a spreadsheet, it is much more interesting when you include all sorts of details and ratings. If you would like a template, just email me. Oh, and happy birthday.

Stay tuned..Still to come Trick Daddy gives me an eerie warning at Publix and why dating strippers is really, really stupid.


At 12:55 AM, Blogger nicole said...

Wow, now THAT'S service!!!

And I had no idea that was one of your favorite posts. But doesn't it burn you up when you spend your precious time laboring over a piece of pulitzer-worthy prose only to get crickets and tumbleweeds? It burns my britches!


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