Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Song For March

After an unspectacular March debut last night, I was feeling a bit morose as I nursed my hangover out by the pool this morning. I had the lyrics to Bob Seger's "The Fire Inside" going through my head. This song is our unofficial March anthem. Check out the lyrics and maybe you can understand why...

There’s a hard moon risin’ on the streets tonight
There’s a reckless feeling in your heart as you head out tonight
Through the concrete canyons to the midtown light
Where the latest neon promises are burning bright
Past the open windows on the darker streets
Where unseen angry voices flash and children cry
Past the phony posers with their worn out lines
The tired new money dressed to the nines
The low life dealers with their bad designs
And the dilettantes with their open minds
You’re out on the town, safe in the crowd
Ready to go for the ride
Searching the eyes, looking for clues
There’s no way you can hide
The fire inside

Well you’ve been to the clubs and the discotheques
Where they deal one another from the bottom of a deck
of promises
Where the cautious loners and emotional wrecks
Do an acting stretch as a way to hide the obvious
And the lights go down and they dance real close
And for one brief instant they pretend they’re safe and warm
Then the beat gets louder and the mood is gone
The darkness scatters as the lights flash on
They hold one another just a little too long
And they move apart and then move on
On to the street, on to the next
Safe in the knowledge that they tried
Faking the smile, hiding the pain
Never satisfied
The fire inside
Fire inside

Now the hour is late and he thinks you’re asleep
You listen to him dress and you listen to him leave
Like you knew he would
You hear his car pull away in the street
Then you move to the door and you lock it
When he’s gone for good
Then you walk to the window and stare at the moon
Riding high and lonesome through a starlit sky
And it comes to you how it all slips away
Youth and beauty are gone one day
No matter what you dream or feel or say
It ends in dust and disarray
Like wind on the plains, sand through the glass
Waves rolling in with the tide
Dreams die hard and we watch them erode
But we cannot be denied
The fire inside

I wish I could take credit for writing this song. Does anything sum up the futility, emptiness and underlying desparation and depression of the whole "Going Out" experience better than this? At least for the 20-something set. Depressing? Of course, but that is what Seger does best. Even my most hardcore "lets go out and get wasted, do some blow and fuck some hookers" friends relate to every line of this song. Because, deep down, I think anyone who spends every weekend at bars in an intoxicated state, desparately looking for some attention from the opposite sex, feels just about like this when they are a little melancholy. I know girls who have listened to that last part and been like "Wow, yeah, that's happend to me." Seger knows. He knows a lot about the human experience. That's why I love his music so much. I listened to this song on a loop on my way to work today (which means I heard it about one and a half times) and it just felt like me.


At 4:40 PM, Anonymous J said...

Jeez, thanks for reminding me how awesome Seger is. Great freakin song...

At 9:39 PM, Blogger nicole said...

Mad props, kid. Mad props.

At 8:54 AM, Blogger White Dade said...

J - Yes. Seger is the man. Did you know Sheri was in a "Like a Rock" commercial?

Nicole - I am guessing you are refering to the busting of the slump, so thanks. I try. Either that or you are one BIIIIIIG Seger fan.

At 12:42 PM, Anonymous more annoyed said...

A good song if you were born in the 1960's. I think most people go out to have fun rather than sit at home and watch tv . "desparately looking for some attention"? You sound depressed. Have you tried medication?

At 2:17 PM, Blogger White Dade said...

Yes, I have tried medication. It worked well at the time.

I am not depressed now, just a little hungover and morose.

At 2:38 PM, Anonymous less annoyed but still bored said...

You should either stop drinking so much or try going back on the medication. You don't seem too happy as the majority of these posts seem to be bitchfests.

At 7:20 PM, Anonymous J said...

haha oh man, I love the blog therapy here. Way to go, you are currently analyzing someone from top to bottom without ever meeting them. Or is it supposed to be condescending barbs?

Regardless, you ARE from NYC and have internet you should probably listen to her, White Dade--she is better than you.


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