Monday, April 03, 2006

Leo Sterger, Gabriel Morency, and the Last Thing I am Writing About The FSU Cowgirl EVER


“Please allow me to introduce myself….. I write a blog called White Dade."

And so began my weekend-long email interaction with Leo Sterger, father of FSU cowgirl Jenn Sterger. Yes, the same one I spent 1500 words ripping last week. And for those of you who have not checked the comments box on that particular post, it is full of insults, threats and out and out garbage directed mostly towards myself. The piece was picked up by my very favorite sports blog, Deadspin, and, ultimately got back to Jenn’s father, Leo. He left a very long comment and, in addition to calling me ugly and a coward, left his email address on there. So I thought since Leo had shown the balls to put himself out there, and basically called me out, I would reply to him. And so I did, and now, with his permission, I would like to show you all some excerpts form our conversations. Those of you who know me I can send you the full transcripts if you like. Those of you who know Leo, ask him.

Dear Mr. Sterger

Since you told me a little about Jenn, I will tell you a little about myself. I am a UM alum, class of '02. I served in the Marine Corps Reserve for 6 years, achieving the rank of Corporal before I left. I never went to Iraq, but this was pure chance. I would have been happy to go had I been called. So I do resent people calling me a coward. I work as a fitness trainer and manage a gym, so obviously I am not as hideous as you might have made me out to be.

I post every day, and most of my posts are in the same tone as the one about Jenn. Not that I am a particularly negative person, but that type of writing is what I do best. She is literally one out of about 100 different topics I have ranted about, and I didn't give that post a whole lot of thought after I responded to the usual 15 or so comments I got. Then a funny thing happened. Somebody posted it on a UM message board, and it got picked up by a LOT of people, and next thing I know the Cowgirl's dad is calling me a faceless coward (or an ugly coward, or something along those lines). Sound familiar?

As I have told several people who have contacted me about my post, if I am going to write assumptions about someone I have never met, I have to expect the same in return. Fair enough. We all love attention. This is not a UM-FSU issue…. It is an issue of the media overexposing someone and the sadness of a nation of men drooling over a girl they've never met.

You must understand, though, while I spent the better part of the first half of the piece ripping on Jenn, the point of it, and I'm not sure if you caught this, was that it is not entirely on her. It is more on the media and countless guys sitting around their computers drooling over her. A friend of mine who went to FSU sent me her pictures back in September, and…..I didn't give them much more than a single look. But I am not the type to fantasize about women I'll never see in person.

I have attached a picture just so you know I am not faceless, and that I have no problem with individual people knowing how I look. And that I am not ugly.
White Dade

Dear WD,

I appreciate it that you took the time to reply to my response that was posted this morning to your Blog. I expected to be bombarded with emails from the Jenn haters out there ...was warned when I signed with my personal email address but so far I have only received 2 replies, yours being one of them. I must say I was quite impressed with your response once you became subjective in your approach ...sure beats the tone of your Blog.

Jenn was actually getting to the point of where she was accepting the hate attacks for what they are, a small minority. She talked about the 10-10-80 rule ...10% love you, 10% hate you and 80% are indifferent. However, you got to keep enough good information out there to keep the 80% from swinging the wrong way!

Being in sales all my life has taught me how to handle rejection. I'm usually very calm cool and calculated but I must admit my response directed towards your Blog was a culmination of repeated negative attacks on Jenn that have been festering for months ...sort of the last straw! After receiving your response and hearing your story I can say I still would have written a response to your Blog but I wouldn't have attacked you personally, for that I'd like to apologize!

Without opening up another chance for a hate forum all I can say to the people who have read the articles on Jenn is that they are an accurate snapshot of her personality ...except for the misquote in Maxim about "getting wasted on game day" which came from Fabi.

It is amazing as to what has happen to her since last Labor Day. Yes, its the fault of the media for helping blow this 3 seconds into and Internet side show but you got to give Jenn credit for seizing the opportunity and running with it as she has. I too laughed it off until I started getting phone calls from TV, radio stations and newspapers across the country. I roared when I started getting phone calls and emails from Europe.

By the way the attached photo is Mama and I (see above) ...can you guess where?


Dear Mr. Sterger -

Well, you certainly are a proud father. And I can't say I blame you, I think any time your child has success the natural reaction is to share those accomplishments with other people.

You, sir, are one ballsy individual. Not only do you put your email address up on the internet for the whole world to contact you, but you wear UM gear to the UM-FSU game in Tallahassee. Impressive, very impressive.

Though I can't say you've converted me to a card-carrying member of the Jenn Sterger fan club, you have at least humanized the icon for me and given me some valuable insight……It's weird because I've read some other rather negative articles about the cowgirls, and I have no idea why mine was the one that got all the attention and became the icon for Jenn-hating. If you noticed, I never mentioned anything explicit in my piece, and I think the people who are taking it there, on both sides of the issue, are truly classless.

There is no need for you to apologize to me for anything you said. I insulted your daughter. A less-sane man would have tracked me down and given me a James Caan-esque beatdown, so I appreciate you stopping at a mean-spirited comment.

The internet is a funny thing, isn't it? I was out with my friend from FSU who had sent me Jenn's pictures originally like six months ago and I said' You know, if you'd have told me then that I would be emailing her father, I'd have been checking your pupils to see what you were taking."

Keep it touch, Mr. Sterger. If you and your wife are in town for the game this year, I would love nothing more than to buy you a conciliatory beverage and laugh about all this ridiculousness. Or if you don't drink, a Diet Coke.


Dear WD,

First of all you have my permission to publish my email responses we have exchanged the last couple of days ...even the photo of my wife and I. However, please make sure you get the game right since this was not at last years MIA-FSU game (although that doesn't stop me from wearing my MIA gear) but rather at the 2002 Fiesta Bowl in Tempe, AR. We were outnumbered pretty badly there too!

While Maxim was nothing big I'm not looking forward to the upcoming Playboy shots although the pre release press Jenn has received from this shot has probably helped fuel the Internet interests least among college male students. Of course this has also fueled the haters (mostly female) saying that a Vivid contract is coming soon.

I know the SI folks love her cause we were out in LA the day after the Oscars meeting with some agents who want to represent her (most are vermin) and as soon as she told her SI contact that she was coming out they had 2 radio interviews set up for her and they got her court side tickets for the Lakers game that night ...very cool sitting down with the celebs! The attached picture is Jenn with Seth Green (Austin Powers movies and the Italian Job). Jenn will graduate this May and has talked about law school ...where and when I don't know.

Like I said before I thought this whole thing would blow over in a month or two but the contacts just keep on coming. She even has me excited about it hoping she makes it big ...or at least big enough to get her off my payroll!

Take care and keep dodging those hate emails. Like I told my wife when I signed the first email ...I know where the delete key is!


Leo Sterger

Okay, I know that was long, but I’d just like to conclude all this by saying that the one person who stood to be THE most offended by my Jenn Sterger piece, besides Jenn herself, has been cordial, professional and even somewhat friendly towards me in talking about the whole issue. So to all the people who came at me with hate mail and insults, take a clue from Leo Sterger and show some goddamn class. Say what you will about his daughter, but this man has been the most professional and polite critic I have had in the past week, and a lot of you could take a clue from his actions.


One interesting side story to all of this was my being invited as a guest on Gabriel Morency's radio program on The Team 990 AM in Montreal. My guess was he didn’t want to talk about the $40 Rule. And I was right. While I have called some sports talk programs form time to time, I had never been a guest on a show before, so this was definitely a novelty experiecne for me. I had a nice conversation with Mr. Morency prior to and during my interview, and for those of you who are reading this late at night (12-3AM Eastern), check out the live feed of his show from the link above. He is exactly what you think a sports talk radio host in Canada should be.

For those who don’t know, Gabriel placed 4th in the Montreal Readers Poll as the biggest sports personality in the city only behind Jose Theodore, Saku Koivu and Vladimir Guerrero. So I suppose over at the Montreal ESPN radio affiliate, being on his show is a pretty cool thing. Of course, I was on on a Saturday night. Opposite a Canadiens game. And the NCAA Final Four. So my guess is there were roughly a dozen people listening. But still, it was a good time being on the show and I hope its something I can do again sometime, somewhere. But my question is: If Gabriel Morency and The Team can have me on to talk about a story in Florida, where’s the local love? Yeah, I’m looking at YOU Dan LeBatard. Hank Goldberg. Montreal knows what’s up, how about you? My schedule is open.

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At 6:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nicely done! I appreciate you opening up to hear the other side ...hope things cool off for you, hope this new posting helps

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Bad at Life said...

Wow. That post really led to all kinds of craziness. It sounds like you handled it all remarkably well. I just hope all the negative comments start to trail off...or at least become a little more articulate.

At 9:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

White Dade,

As a friend of both Jenn and her family, I know they have been reading both the good and the bad as far as posts, message boards and blogs go..all that goes with evolving into a public figure and putting yourself out there as Jenn as chosen to do...I would just like to commend both you and Leo for not only communicating offline in a professional and civil manner, but for sharing those emails with the rest of us. It is nice to see two adult people have such differing opinions on a subject that both feel passionately about, and yet not have the discussion degrade into a battle of cheap insults, filthy labeling and outright lies.

Thanks again for taking the time to post the email exchange.

At 12:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are one classy individual...

...who competes to see who can have sex with the fattest woman, leaves bums shirtless, rants at spanish speakers in MIAMI, and drives drunk everywhere.

i commend you. way to go.


At 3:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, you have a great story tell at the ole ten year reunion. All I have to tell is "remember 1997?". I need to get on the ball.

Oh, and Leo, don't be creepy like Jessica Simpsons dad. It just isn't cool.

At 7:47 AM, Blogger White Dade said...

Leo - Thanks.

Bad - I don't mind criticism, as long as its well-aimed.

Jax - I saw your logo on I, too, am a Raider fan. See, common gound. I appreciate the likes of you and Leo offering up a differing opinion without being rude. And thank you for recognizing this for what it is: Not "that douche backpedaling" as someone on your message board said, but rather a civil resolution to a dispute. There are two ways to handle things: You can get mad and start name calling and start a fight or you can be professional and coutrteous. Leo and I chose the latter and I tihnk should be models for anyone involved in a dispute. Perhaps someone could forward this to the President.

Robert - For some reason that didn't happen to come up during the segment. Perhpas I will ask him should we talk again.

J - I never saind anytihng about ME being a class act.

Joe - If the best story I have to tell at my 10-year reunion is that I emialed Jen Sterger's dad and was on talk radio in Montreal, I may beat you out for "Biggest Loser." Okay, maybe not biggest.....

At 10:03 AM, Blogger Andy said...

Jack Bauer would've just shot everyone in the leg.

At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

way to back off you fucking pussy. somebody calls you out and you cave like a little girl. that post was completely about Jen Sterger, you even called it Jen Sterger Pics to get some hits and you back down as soon as her old man calls you gay ass out. don't call yourself a cane. score one for leo.

At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what the hell is wrong with you? how is that backing down? basically WD said "i understand you're pissed b/c its your daughter, but its my opinion."

What this has to do with "being a Cane" i have no clue. Apparently in this dude's mind, to be a cane "4 eva" (by the way, clever use of 4 instead of 'four', and eva instead of ever. nice one!) you must be uncivil and a total prick. You're making us look bad dude. I also bet being a cane "4 eva" means you didn't go to UM, joined the bandwagon in the late 80s to leave during probation, and then jumped back on the train in 2000.

(Cue post displaying intensity of fandom and longevity blah blah blah)

At 10:38 AM, Blogger White Dade said...

Andy - Yes, and somehow I'd have ended updead, right?

C4E - Again, the Comment Machine Steals my thunder

J - Ever sat in the GA seciotn in the OB? Where all the "Canez 4 EVA" sit?>who never set foot on campus except maybe to steal something from actual students or tow a car, sit and proclaim their love for The U? Yeah, I'm guessing you're one of those. Because most people who attended UM, again, have a certain amount of pedigree and associate a lot more than the football team with being a Cane. I expect that kind of nonsense from FSU, but really.

At 10:45 AM, Blogger White Dade said...

My bad. Not you, J, the guy you were referring to. I know you still go to UM. Or do you?

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually,"canes4eva" WD really doesn't call himself a Cane...unless the basketball team is mediocore, then he will go for them...but if you happened to be at the Georgia Tech game this year and saw the one prick in the student section cheering as the game and our ACC title hopes slipped away, that would've been WD...So him being a total cocksucker when it comes to fan loyalty actually absolves him from accusations of this being a fan biased post....He just hates FSU people like he does anyone who hangs out at "3rd Street"...or the way I hate Jews....

At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 12:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, please grow up WD. your gentlemanly, civil exchanges are too much for us all. also, please stop your jealousy of jenn. we all know you want a pair of magnificent fakies. jerk.

At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sad part is that people can become famous simply by wearing skimpy clothes, or taking them off completely. Then be supported by their father for doing so. Go make $, I suppose as much as your self-respect is worth.

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Andy said...

Nah, you'd just have a bullet in your leg.

Wow, people get really fired up about FSU and their semi-mascots (Sterger and various prison inmates).

I take it back Dade, JB would probably have your back on this one.

At 5:35 PM, Blogger The Cavalier said...

I love butter.

At 5:26 AM, Blogger mdf said...

You should be commended for your handling of the situation. You gave voice to a counter perspective and that's tremendous as far as credibility goes
That said, Leo's hardly an objective party, and like it or not, the points you raised in your initial post are all valid. The article is the worst, particularly the most egregious passage a/b "going toe-to-toe" on the topic of sports ; a conversation a/b who's hotter: Matt Leinart or Tom Brady is not even remotely the same as discussing, say, the merits of the 3-4 versus the 4-3, or international hoops vs. NBA, or the pros and cons of the DH. She may be able to discuss the CULTURE of sports, (which solely contributed to her success), but the world's filled w/ enough Woody Paiges. (Though, to be fair, if Paige looked like Jen, we could finally see Skip Bayless' head explode).
Jen Sterger, however, is not to blame, in that she's only doing what every Road Rules/Real World cast member does, and that's capitalize on the ridiculous societal merit awarded to someone being the least bit recognizable. As somebody who lives in the belly of the beast, The City of Angels, I can say that you can't throw a rock w/o hitting a girl w/ a sense of entitlement b/c she's attractive and had two lines on The OC. It's important to remember the difference b/w celebrity and talent; a lot of talented ppl are celebrities. The inverse, not so much. Jen could be a Rhodes scholar for all I know, but when your entire career is based on a horny cameraman lecherously filming you b/w Aflac commercials, you've got a tough road to hoe to avoid falling victim to the Anna Benson corollary. Oh well. The girl w/ the NOLES GIRLS ROCK shirt's the hottest one, anyway. Keep fighting the good fight.

At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pic of Jenn's parents is clearly a fake given that neither is of the species genus Equus. It is statistically/genetically impossible to produce offspring with a horseface like Jenn's without one of your parents actually being a horse.

At 7:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

who gives a shit about all this drama?! All that matters, is that that bitch is fine as hell. Anyone saying otherwise knows they are lying bastards and is probably doing so out of spite. who cares where she goes to school, she is a 10! But at least the majority of FSU and UF fans actually went to the school they root for. And they speak fucking english too!

At 3:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like Jenn / hate Jenn. Canes rule / FSU Rules. All you guys are smoking. You created a mountain out of a mole hill and more ridiculous drama than a day time soap opera. Besides, all of you Floridians are just wasting your time. Jenn is about as plain as day compared to the beautiful women here in Southern California….and oh by the way both your schools suck. Not only is USC better academically, we actually compete for championships not arrest records like those wanna be gangsters you guys call academic athletes at the U and FSU.

Losers! Good luck trying to crack the top 10 again. Maybe next century your football programs wont suck!

At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Jenn Sterger, I went to high school with her. I really hate what she has become. She is going against all the crap she use to preach about in school about women should be appreciated for their minds not their body. She is full of shit in my personal opinion and I can't stand people who are fake.

At 9:54 AM, Blogger sunita said...

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