Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Thank You, Bill Simmons

Hey, all of you fucking Miami Heat/Dwyane "Hype Machine" Wade apologists who still insist he was touched by someone other than the ghost of Reggie Lewis on his overtime drive in Game 5: Remember that post I worte a few weeks ago that you all called "moronic" and "senseless?" The one where I said the Heat are bad for the NBA and any unbiased fan should be rooting against Miami with all their heart? Well, here is a real, live profesisonal sportswriter who I could very well sue for plaigarizing my blog he reiterates my points so well. Since he writes about sports for a living, he makes my points in a much clearer way so you know what I'm getting at. Here's hoping the Mavs pull it out tonight and on Thrusday, otherwise we are in for a really long decade.

Anyone interested, here is Bill Simmons' take on the Finals and why the Heat will ruin the NBA with a victory. God I love being validated.



At 3:50 PM, Anonymous Johnson said...

I think I'll take whatever Bill Simmons writes with a grain of salt. Funny guy but just another talking sports head.

To the question about the phantom foul call. Did you see how many times Shaq was hacked and nothing was called? How about those Mavs flops? And did you watch the Mavs basically get handed the Spurs series on a silver platter by the NBA? Just another reason why pro wrestling is better than the NBA and boxing, the chicks are hotter and at least Vince McMahon admits the results are pre-determined.

At 3:53 PM, Blogger T. said...

Too bad I frickin' hate the snarky ESPN guys. If anything, it just makes me disagree more vehemently. Actually, I do agree with Simmons that Riley "uglies" up the game. That's about it.

I disagree that the Heat winning ruins the game, and I think the Jordan-superstar era is unfairly maligned, the Jordan-era Bulls was a well-rounded team (3 point shooters like Kerr and Armstrong, solid contributors like Paxson, all-stars like Pippen, Rodman and Ron Harper), it's just that Jordan was so good that he made EVERYONE look average.

I'm not a sports socialist. The best team is the one who wins in the end, period. People who complain about a team because it's got a superstar on it and doesn't share the ball with everyone are the same kind that cry "evil empire" because the Yankees keep winning.

If the Mavs are better, they'll win. Period. And if the Heat wins, it won't "ruin" the NBA in any way.

At 4:34 PM, Anonymous rumandpopcorn said...

t., that's the point. If you really think the Heat is the best team in this series, you're freakin' insane. If it wasn't for Dwayne Wade and the refs favorable treatment of him, this series would be over already. Is Wade by far the best player in this series? No doubt. But after that Dallas has the better team.

Now Dallas has assisted in its own demise quite a bit with all the whining, conservative offense at the end of the games, and time-out fiascoes. So Dallas has no one to blame but themselves if they lose this thing.

But the point Simmons and White Dade are making, that I wholeheartedly agree with, is that for most casual fans and even some diehards, there is a perception that superstars, marketing machines, and big-market teams are favored by the league. The idea that the NBA is fixed, while not true, has a lot of currency with a lot of fans. (see Johnson's comments.) Game 5's fiasco only reminds them of this. One of the reasons I've been less of an NBA fan in recent years was that game 6 atrocity in the Sacramento-Lakers series. I turned to one of my cynical friends that night and said, "You know what? You were right. The NBA is fixed." Once that happens, your league loses credibility. This is one of the least discussed reasons, I think, the NBA has fallen off in terms of popularity.

At 4:56 PM, Blogger T. said...

Unless I misremember Wade's post, Wade didn't argue about teams like the Heat causing "superstar fouls," even though Simmons himself does touch on that. Dade was just saying that a team with a prominent star was worse for the NBA than a team without a superstar because it would inspire a generation of ball hogs. I'm too lazy to go back and check.

I think people are confusing teamwork and team. Do the Mavs have the better teamwork? Sure. But are they the better team? Only if they win.

At 5:31 PM, Blogger Andy said...

Holy shit guys. Honestly. Favorable treatment of Dwayne Wade? Wade drives to the hoop, plain and simple. No one on the Mavs does (except for the occasional Stackhouse foray or a brief, non-pussy interjection by Howard). You can't get calls by taking faggy jump shots all the time (*coughTERRYcough*) and by letting your undersized guard do all the scoring in the last quarter and OT of the game because you can't drop your skirt long enough to do it yourself (*coughDIRKcough*).

Give me a break. If Nowitzki had the balls to do something other than jerk off at the top of the key, maybe I'd have a little respect. But I'm sick of hearing how much more agressive he is. He has a few good drives a game, always in the first half, and then is absent for the second half.

I couldn't be happier the heat are doing well.

And I hate Bill Simmons.

At 5:41 PM, Anonymous Cliff said...

"..I think, the NBA has fallen off in terms of popularity."

Actually, the NBA is more popular now than I believe it has ever been in its history...so I don't think too many people are on board with this argument..

"If you really think the Heat is the best team in this series, you're freakin' insane."

The strength of a team as a whole is made up of the sum of its parts...So it can easily be argued that the Mavs may play better "team basketball", and the local YMCA teams my do so as well , but if they lose then they clearly are not the better team. No team in any sport, ever, is best if everyone gets equal amounts of playing time and the same amount of shots...if you have ever been on any team you know this to be true...

At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

Gutsy call when a guy trys splitting two defenders for a basket. Of course there is going to be contact, but there is "I'm Mormon and from Utah that was definetly a foul" and "I'm from New York, and I'm gonna shove the ball down your throat foul". The Wade call was definetly the Mormon pussy way of basketball. I prefer a happy medium between the two, but I can't stand the mormon pussy calls like that. I hate to see games decided like that. You could visibly see they weren't trying to foul and I've seen a lot more touches go uncalled.

I did like the GP drive, that was classic GP.

At 7:17 PM, Anonymous J said...

Crazily enough, I saw this article today and was going to forward it to you. He makes your points, just with much more knowledge about basketball.

And I completely agree with T & Andy. Quit bitching Mavs--drive and get to the line and then make at least 1 of your final foul shots when it matters. Everyone is talking about the last foul, but I'd love for someone to mention the other "horrible calls" made throughout the game. Which ones were those??

And that was the pussiest angry post-game tirade I've ever seen, Dirk. Your feeble, Mr. Burns-esque destruction of the exercise bike was classic European girliness (though I am a big Dirk fan).

At 8:55 PM, Blogger Bad at Life said...

Dade, again I couldn't agree more. Sure, Wade is good. Of that there is no question. And, likewise, that phantom foul wouldn't matter if Howard had made his free throws.

Nevertheless, as an old jordan fan, I think that Wade's "clutch" foul shots are a distant and pathetic cry from Jordan hitting clutch series ending shots against Utah or the Cavs. You should never bail a "great" player like that out at the end of a game. After that overtime I was just angry that I stayed up so late to watch the game.

As a fan of real, full court basketball, I think that team-oriented teams like Detroit and Dallas are so much more entertaining to watch--even if they end up losing.

At 9:53 PM, Anonymous nicole said...

Since I know next to nothing of significance about basketball I'll just say hi. ;)

At 9:01 AM, Anonymous Cliff said...

Did anyone see that boring group of individuals beat that great, far superior, Dallas team last night? I mean come on, how the hell did the team with a dominant center, 2 all-star scorers, solid forwards, washed up Hall of Fame point guard, and the leagues greatest shot blocker possibly win the Championship?! Heartbreaking I tell you, just heartbreaking...Basketball is runined...forever!!!

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous rumandpopcorn said...

See, some of this is why I hate trying to have complex sports discussion. The Heat won the series, and deserve to be the champs, but now everyone's saying how great the Heat are and pulling out the resumes of all these old players.

Can some of you just acknowledge that the Mavericks choked it away? Props to the Heat and Wade for being there to collect the wreckage. Party like crazy and enjoy the title. But make no mistake, Heat fans, you got a gift.

At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Cliff said...

Yes you are correct...The Mav's choked it away by shooting 37%, not going to the hoop ergo shooting 14 less free throws, getting blocked 5 times by a guy who only played 14 minutes, and NEVER finding a way to stop our most dominate player for the 4th straight game...so I guess they choked, or as some others call it, they lost.

And just because they're older doesn't mean their not as good or better...maybe Dallas' youth and inexperience was more of a factor than Miami's age...

At 2:35 PM, Blogger Andy said...

You forgot to mention Dirk only scored 5 pts in the 4th quarter...2 of them being from the free throw line.

Yeah, he's a REAL superstar. He didn't choke, he just can't show up to play when it counts.

At 12:54 PM, Blogger Miamista said...

Okay, once speeaking about this is probably enough. Of course your right man. Everyone who isn't a star watcher instead of a fan of basketball knows you're right. Problem is, most people are star watchers first. And that's okay. This is the athletic entertainment business not the fair play business. And the league is basically a cartel, cooperating to deliver a product (televised basketball) at the highest profit from ratings, ticket sales, sneaker sales and jerseys.

As for the Mavericks, I'm going to say something that many of you will say who are White (and I'm not). Dirk is totally unmarketable as a White athlete and on top of that a foreign one as well. Thus commentators and magazines poke fun of him saying he looks like Shaggy, etc.

It is what it is- and that's marketing. Turns out though that the ratings are actually at a low point, something that has been going on for a while now. More's the pity b/c we will have to deal with a bigger dose of marketing.

The sports socialist comment btw was funny. For obvious reasons.

At 1:43 PM, Anonymous Cliff said...

Unmarketable as a White athlete, or as a European athlete? Because I don't believe most would say that Steve Nash is unmarketable, or Jason Williams when he came into the league. Actually I believe Williams had one of the top selling Jerseys early in his career. It was only about a year ago that I was hearing the argument in the media that the NBA NEEDED more white stars for white fans to better relate to the league...

It just so happens that the NBA had its highest fan attendance in league history this year, only to have broken the record of LAST year...not too bad of progess there...

But the TV ratings of the finals I would not correlate to the Popularity of the NBA. When a city's team is in the Finals it becomes an event for everyone to watch the games. Miami and Dallas are really crappy markets. So it's not suprising that we had better ratings then San Antonio-Detroit, and Jersey-San Antonio...but worse then the Lakers Finals' and when Chicago was in them every year...Lets not forget that compared to the 90's everyone now has 400 cable or satellite channels so there are alot more options on TV relative to that time...or even to a few years ago for that matter...

At 1:59 PM, Blogger White Dade said...

I am only oging to make one point to CLiff herer:

Ratings are down becasue the product sucks. Dallas, I bleieve is market 8, Miami is market 11 or 12, but if oyu include West Palm it is like up aorund the same as Dallas. NOt exatly Sacramento vs. Indiana. And say waht you will aobut Miami being a shit sports town, but Dallas is, at leas,t a decent one.

You know why attendence is setting records? There are more teams. And those teams, instead of playing in the 10-14,000 seat arenas they were playing in in the 80's are now in 20,000 seat arenas. More seats, more teams, more attendence. The product sitll sucks. Were the Heat the better team in te Finals? Obviously. But that does not change the fact that that brand of basketball is highly un-entertianing for anoyne without a 305, 954, 561 or 786 area code. If these same players were wearing Laker Purple and gold you would dislike them and make the same arguments i am. Like I told Graig, a biased fan can't make an objective argument.

At 7:47 PM, Anonymous J said...

First off, its utter ridiculousness to believe the NBA is fixing the Finals. Just dumb. Please stop it everyone.

Second, quit with the Jordan shit people. He's not Jordan but why the hell does that matter? Certainly he's done more than Jordan did in his 3rd year. And one is not more or less clutch, they both are clutch.

Next, the "team" game thing is bullshit. You play roles on a team, each does their role, and does it well. How many pts a game did Diop/Dampier score? What about Harris/Griffin? Basically they had three scorers and 2 role players. The Heat have 2 scorers, 3 role players and ran less b/c Shaq is giant and slow. Plus, lest you forget, offense is 1/2 of the game. Dallas played poor "team" defense while Miami's was stellar.

And don't compare them that much to the late '90s teams. They can score and do not play slowly nor ugly.

And finally, the Nielson ratings. No one I know was counted into Nielson ratings b/c they all were at a bar. I would say a large % of the population was out at a bar, considering the craziness that was the Grove. Additionally, the NBA more than any American pro sports league is an int'l commodity and is raking in the money. China, Europe, S. America? Anybody heard of these places? Anyone who says the NBA is declining is an uninformed fool.


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