Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Pro-Lifer is Just a Pro-Choicer Who Hasn't Gotten Knocked Up Yet

There is an old expression that a Republican is just a Democrat who hasn’t been arrested yet. I don’t really believe this as you can point to a good number of people form G. Gordon Liddy to a good friend of mine and find staunch Republicans who still maintain their conservative politics even after spending some time behind bars. But one thing I will say: Any girl who is pro-life and planning a career who gets knocked up a little early changes her tune pretty damn quick.

Now I have made my thoughts on abortion pretty well-known on this site before. I think people don’t have enough of them, as any early morning viewing of Maury Povich will easily demonstrate. But my intense dislike of children aside, I really do think people who are not prepared to have kids in all facets of life should just admit their mistakes and get rid of the damn thing. Sadly, there are a lot of sad ideologues out there who just don’t seem to get this point. They are caught up in some religious nonsense and maintain that once a child is conceived, it is a human life and ending it is therefore murder.

That is, of course, until that human life interferes with their plans. I knew a girl a while back who grew up in a hard-core right wing environment. So much so that she had written letters to her local congresswoman urging her to fight to end legalized abortion. This, might I add, was in a solid blue state. At any rate, this girl despite her lack of common sense when it came to overpopulation, was a very intelligent, driven young woman with ambitious career plans. Then she had a pregnancy scare. Like a serious, realistic pregnancy scare where it seemed much more likely than not she was knocked up than not. And you know what she said? “Well, I mean, I CAN’T have a kid now. I work so much and I still have so much I want to accomplish, it just wouldn’t work for me.” No shit.

So it’s okay to sit on our moral high horse and talk about the evils of abortion and why poor black mothers in the ghetto should keep children they can’t afford so they can collect welfare and make the rest of us pay for them, but when you get a little caught up in the heat of the moment and don’t use protection you are more than ready to utilize the services of your local “Doctor of Death,” as your church members like to call them. Yeah, it’s only wrong when it’s someone else’s life being ruined, not yours. Awesome. How about all of you opposed to abortion pay for the raising, schooling and ultimate jailing of these “precious, innocent gifts from God” while the rest of us spend our tax money on useful things. Like the War in Iraq.

It is not to say that left-wingers don’t have their contradictions too. Anyone who looks at how much money Hillary Clinton gets from Pharmaceutical companies can see that, but when it comes to abortion nobody is more hypocritical that the right-to-tell-you-what-to-do-ers. Basically, abortion is wrong unless it interferes with their life. It’s immoral so long as it doesn’t interfere with their career. Wrong. It is a useful tool that most developed countries not blinded by religious nonsense realize is good for society. It’s just sad that it takes an unwanted pregnancy to make a lot of people realize that.

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At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think the moral of the story here is that, for the good of society, we should be out knocking up as many pro-life republican girls as possible, so as to convert them to the school of rational thought.

it's been a while... i forgot how much i like it when white dade's posts don't suck.

At 12:02 PM, Blogger minijonb said...

Everyone on both sides of this issue have some problems with their arguments. But you still need to stick to your guns and fight for what you believe in. To quote the industrial band Consolidated:

"Yeah, I'm a hypocrite... but for the left."

At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

As you know Dade, I think you'd be an awesome Dad. Take your kid to the track, the club and the kid would have a fine appreciation for the burrito, cheese pizza and all white chicken terriyaki. On the flip side however, the fact you wouldn't want the kid, would make you a terrible dad. Granted, you've never been one to really run from your mistakes or as we shall now refer to it as the 'big oops'.

Politically, I don't really see why this is an issue anymore. Abortion rates are at an all time low, most likely because of abortions. I don't think it really has anything to do with moral majorities or any other political group out there. Granted things like HIV probably have helped spur the numbers, as condoms became much more mainstream and available not long after roe v. wade.

As for the right to choose, I'm all for it. I figure if god chooses to send her to hell, thats his choice and hers at the same time. If she doesn't believe in god, maybe she'll reincarnate as a pubic lice or something, or just doesn't care all together and figures this is her life to live.

I also however agree with Dade (I believe from prior conversations)that the father should have some say, especially in situations where the girl wants to keep it, but the father does not. There should be some way of allowing the father, if he so chooses, to seek some sort of legal divorce from the mother and child, so he does not have to incure the emotional and financial sacrifices that come with raising a child.

At the same time, I don't condone the act of abortion. I think its pretty cruel. But I'm not going to stop anyone else from making decisions for themselves. I also wish there were less red tape for adoption. As someone who knows people who are waiting to adopt a child, the options for people who want to be parents should be more available than what they are now. That and I truly cherish my Maury Povich episodes with the one girl, ten possible father episodes, especially when all ten "are not the father", only for the girl to come back on the show with 10 more guys who are not the father. I'd like to thank those ho's for my television entertainment!

At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Johnny said...

If there's anyone who should NOT be having an abortion, it's a driven, intelligent woman who can probably be a good mother to the kid, or at least give him up for adoption. God knows we need more intelligent kids being born to balance the Maury trash. If you don't want to get pregnant, don't have unprotected sex without birth control. That simple.

At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn some people write really long comments.

I'm not really against abortion but I am quite against partial- birth abortion. It's sickening. If someone's going to have an abortion they should do it asap. Not after the baby's nearly ready to be born.

At 12:07 AM, Blogger David in DC said...

In my single days, as a young liberal protester-about-town, pro-choice rallies and women's rights rallies were the best place to hook up with out-of-town womyn, looking to spice up their visit to DC.

Occasionally (ok, more than occasionally) you hit on a gal who preferred gals. But often enough you met a hetero gal who was totally up for a fling with a boy who supported her cause.

They were always on the pill or using a diaphragm (it's empowering, dontchya know) and they were always pro-choice, in case contraception failed.

You got extra points for offering to use a condom, but they never wanted to. And since female to male transmission of HIV during relatively normal sex was/is VERY rare, the worst I risked was a treatable STD or a pregnancy they wanted no more than I did.

I never got an STD, and, so far as I know, never knocked anybody up, either.

At 11:49 AM, Blogger Rachelle said...

Great post. I was raised Catholic and taught that abortion was murder. And I really did believe that until at 19 I was faced with the first of a few of pregnancy scares I've had throughout my life. Now it's much easier for me to see the Pro-Choice point of view. It's really amazing how quickly a potential unwanted pregnancy can change your perspective.


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